Latest African American braided hairstyles for women

African American braided hairstyles for women

Culture and trend plays a key role in fashion. People adopt things according to a society in which they live. Hairstyle is not exception for this. People wear a hairstyle in which they feel comfortable in a society in which they live. Western countries have their own trends of fashion. African American people pose different hairstyle as compared to people in other countries. African American braided hairstyle is most popular hairstyle among women. They adopt it to look different and fashion oriented.

Hairstyle trend modification:

Hairstyle trend changes which fashion trend. It keeps modifying for both males and females. Young generation continuously focuses on this changing fashion trend. They pose their personality with updated fashion. They concentrate on their hairstyle most importantly. It plays a key role in personality possession with which a person appears in front of other people.

Braided hairstyles:

There are a lot of African American braided hairstyles are available. Girls wear it which they feel suitable for their hair. They select a good braided hairstyle which they think is according to fashion and trends. Here we discuss some of the braided hairstyles for African American girls. These are as follows:

Hair trigger:

This is one of the most famous African American braided hairstyles for women. They wear it for casual use. Black girls try this hairstyle for going on events like birthdays. They look cute and decent in this braided hairstyle. It helps to look them more stylish and fashion oriented. Young girls prefer more for this hairstyle.

Hair trigger hairstyle

Box braids:

This is the most popular hairstyle for African women in these days. They try to get it for different events and occasions. It can be tried in different open and banded hairstyles. It consumes time for making hairstyle. It can be taken in ponytail, bridal hairstyle and open hairstyle. Box braids is not only popular among African girls but also among American girls. They like it too for going to different events and casual use of going college. They love to make this hairstyle while going college and birthday parties.

Box braids hairstyle

Box braids hairstyle

Criss-cross goddess braids:

Such braided hairstyle is of chunky braids when you want to go on vacations like beach. African girls can make it when they do not bother of making strands by consuming time on daily basis. It needs enough time to make it complete. But it is easy to carry and enjoy vacations.This is something that black girls really like to use.

Criss-cross goddess braids hairstyle

Fishtail parted centre crown:

It is not as popular now as in previous times among African American braided hairstyles. It is just like box braids but with some kind of addition in it. It adds fishtail in centre for making it more attractive. Black girls like it because it is very easy to carry.

Fishtail parted center crown hairstyle

Feed in braided hairstyle:

It is just like cornrow braided hairstyle. But it make this style less thick and bulky. Girls can carry this easy. It is more popular among young girls who attend school. They can carry it for their daily routine. African girls like this hairstyle among cornrow hairstyles.

Feed in braided hairstyle

So, these above mentioned hairstyles are popular nowadays among braided hairstyles for African American women.We have some latest hairstyles as well for related trends.


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