Top 5 Curly Hairstyle For Girls – 5 Minutes Only


It is very easy to get hairstyles for smooth and long hair. But it is a little complicated to look for curly hairstyles for girls that are versatile and original.

Curly Hairstyle For Girls

However, there are many styles for this type of hair that can be used for different occasions. Today we are going to cover top 5 curly hairstyle for girls.

Half braid

Braids are always a good option if you want your girl always look flirtatious and cute. To perform this hairstyle you must follow these steps:

First comb the hair well to avoid knots.

Then make a braid from the top of your head and see joining the strands on each side.

Once you have reached the end of the hair knot with a garter or a tie and hide it with a tuft rolling it.

Then fix it with a fork.

Finally you will have a half braid with part of your curly hair loose down, in which the girl will be able to show off her beautiful natural curls.

Half Braid hairstyles


Crown one of the best curly hairstyles for girls that you can use to make your hair look with curls is to use a thin elastic headband, which you must place as a crown. Then go taking small strands, which you will go over and in the headband.

You must do this side and side to finally meet halfway and pretend that you have a crown of hair all over your head.

Crown hairstyle

Curly Hairstyle For Girls – Crown with braid

In the same way you can make a crown with braids, leaving curly hair loose. To make this type of hairstyle, you must first make two braids on the temple on each side. Then tie them in the back to form a kind of crown that will keep the hair in place.

You can use some styling cream or anti friction product that keeps your hair looking very natural.

Crown with braid hairstyle

Multiple rolls

If you want your girl to always look beautiful, you must be creative and realize original styles. To make this hairstyle you should only take strands of hair from side to side, from top to bottom in zigzag and with these make rolls. Then fix them by adjusting them with black hairpins. Finally your little girl’s hair will be together and very cute.

Multiple rolls hairstyle

Curly Hairstyle For Girls – Bouffant Headband

This is another curly hairstyle for girls that you can make if you want a more sophisticated style. To do it, follow the following steps:

First, comb your hair well. To give volume to the top of your hair you can use a plastic comb preferably.

Then place an elastic band in front, making a bulging tuft.

Then pull half of your hair back and start making small turns with the ends.

Next to the back half of the head with forks. Use the thinnest part of the comb (the thin handle) and release the hair a little so that the hairstyle is not so tight.More ever girls also look forward to know about the latest hairstyle as well.

Bouffant Headband hairstyle

Finally the curly hair style for girls with curly hair are excellent if we want our girl to show her beautiful hair in a beautiful and original way.


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