Simple DIY Hair Style for Girls – Easy to Manage

DIY Hair Style for Girls

DIY Hair Style for Girls:

We all like diy hairstyle for girls, are an excellent option to style the hair and be more comfortable, but also to show off on special occasions such as weddings, graduations, communions or even an appointment or outing with friends.

Today’s article we going to cover simple easy to manage diy hair style for girls that makes you look more beautiful and stand out from crowd.

Styling your hair is an easier job if you have the necessary tools and that is why I advise you to get or invest in the following:

A good iron for the hair:

Look for one with ceramic plates and ion technology to avoid damaging the end of your hair with heat. Although these are more expensive, they are worth more than the cheap ones. You should also prefer that it be thick and that it serves not only to straighten, but to give volume and make waves.

Protector for heat:

It is essential to use the iron a lot. A good protector will prepare your hair for the hairstyle and protect it against the temperature you apply. You can find it in various formats, from creams to liquid products.

A comb with split ends:

It serves both to untangle the hair and to make some carded, which are usually something useful when you want to provide volume to the hair.

A round brush:

It is used especially in straight or broken hair, when you want to give shape to the tips or accentuate more the waves that have been made.

A flat brush:

It is ideal to polish your hair and make sure it has been knotted and very soft, before proceeding to comb it as you see fit.


Indispensable if you want to keep all the amazing hairstyles that you do instead.


This is the famous spike or fish braid diy hair style for girls.It is a very nice hairstyle to look on any occasion and not very complicated.

The French braid is another of the most used by girls who have style, as well as flattering is very comfortable, since it removes all the hair from the face and always looks good.

The German style braid is another of the easy diy hairstyles for girls that can be more useful to give a different touch to your hair. It is worth omitting the last step of the tutorial above if you want to show it in a simple way.


The most expert prefer the braid of stairs, a hairstyle that is perfect for long or medium hair and it is beautiful to keep them in order.

These are the most common braids that you can use or incorporate into your hair along with other trends. They are taking a lot for formal parties and also with casual looks.Some girls have curly hairs and they want to diy them.


So far we have seen a lot of fantastic arrangements with braids type diy hair style for girls, which come in handy to give the mane a bit of style on different occasions. However, you’re probably thinking that most of them can only be used with long or medium hair; What about short hair?


If you want to get ready to go to a very special place but you do not have much experience with hairstyles, try half taildiy hair style which is very elegant. Note that the strands twist and thin to create texture and volume. Curl the tips with a curling iron and you’ll look even more sophisticated.


It is obvious that those with longer hair have an advantage when it comes to tryingdiy hairstyles. Although at the same time, they have the disadvantage that sometimes their hair disturbs them or makes them uncomfortable enough in hot weather, so it is necessary to look for styles that are practical and feminine at the same time.

For the most indomitable hair, a beautiful option is this side braid as a festival, which will delight lovers of the bohemian.

Simple diy hairstyle for long hair

A hairstyle for long hair that can be used to attend a wedding, graduation or other formal occasions, is this semi recon with volume and in which you can also curl the tips to make it more glamorous.

The truth is that all these diy hair style for girls are beautiful and with a little skill, can give a great touch to your appearance.


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